Dorothee Becker’s Hand
Dorothee Becker’s Hand is a tribute to the iconic Uten.Silo, was designed by Dorothee Becker in 1969. Modernise with new technologies to improve experience nowadays. Firstly designed as a wall bedside cabinet, it is a useful addition to any room and interior. The introduction of the wall module allows the use of new primary color: blue and/or recyclable plastic.

Dorothee Becker’s Hand is a wall unit designed for the modern home environment. To improve experience following technologies are used: wireless charger, USB portals, rotating light, and dimmer. Leftover from plastic production of primary colours used for limited edition objects with a unique color scheme. Based on modern life scenarios, it integrates the functions needed.
Dorothee Becker’s Hand is made of ABS plastic; hooks and clips are made of metal. A wireless charger is used, which reduces the number of wires used and the overall look. It is located in a big container. Three USB portals are there to charge electronics. The unit has incorporated light, it can be positioned differently and rotated. There are two buttons for light: one is for opening the hand, second is for dimmer which allows having different scenarios for different situations.

The initial problem was a robot vacuum cleaner that can't clean under bedside tables. Going through different variations of bases, I ended up making the wall unite. It is convenient for a small place as well. It is equipped with clips, hooks, elastics, and containers, providing practical storage space and making it easier to find things. I wanted to keep healthy routines: drink through the night and reduce telephone lights. They are solved with the glass holder and deep container.
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