Ring of Fire Galaxy
The Ring of Fire Galaxy draws inspiration from Masanori Umeda's Getsuen Chair.The concept aimed to achieve a similar form using new technologies.Exploring new 3D printing forms that eliminate the need for additional support structures makes product more sustainable.The use of plastic materials connects to the Space Age.By combining these elements, the armchair was brought to life. These distinct features served as the inspiration for crafting a sculptural piece reminiscent of celestial objects.

The Ring of Fire Galaxy comes in two sizes to suit teenagers and adults above 170 centimeters. As the finished object would be a completely symmetrical rotational form, it would have to work as an armchair, whichever way it was rotated. It is not only comfortable to sit in but also has the capacity to rotate and rock in three dimensions. The influence of the Ulm School of design played a significant role in counting every millimeter of the shape for ergonomic comfort.
The Ring of Fire Galaxy armchair is a sculpted masterpiece that piques curiosity with its unique shape. It evokes a sense of satisfaction when admired and seamlessly harmonizes with the human body during use, thanks to its ergonomics. Adding to its appeal, the armchair provides a swinging motion that enhances comfort. It is a great addition to any backyard garden, contributing to the overall play experience.

The Ring of Fire Galaxy was made of polypropylene through 3D printing.The plastic chair is covered with the detail of fine ridges like the grooves on an old vinyl record, which adds comfort and reinforces the rotational shape of the form.The chair's symmetrical form allowed for minimal waste during the printing process, eliminating the need for additional supports.The leg of the chair has a metal ball that allows it to rotate and helps drain the water, similar to the ball in a ballpoint pen.
Form comes first, followed by function and ergonomics in the design process. When the initial form idea was settled, a study of mathematical models of spinning top toys, represented by pure geometric shapes, commenced. Drawing inspiration from the design of writing balls in pens, a sophisticated drainage system was incorporated, making it suitable for outdoor use. The Ring of Fire Galaxy invites you to rock and rotate, adding a joyful playfulness to the experience.

It was the first time I was trying to find a right form for 3d printing.. The challenge in the design process was to find a technical solution that integrates the highest level of aesthetic, comfort and sustainability.As a result, The Ring of Fire Galaxy was the final choice aiming to harmonize the overall sense of flow and order through the curved structure conforming to the mathematical model, and to ensure ergonomics and comfort with its unique design.
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