Metropol Chair
The Metropol chair is inspired by the effortless style of the art-nouveau and TheHotel Metropol Moscow withMikhail Vrubel'sthePrincess of Dreamsmosaic panel. This piece seamlessly blends form and function to deliver a truly unique and alluring seating experience. The vision was for this piece to evoke a sense of satisfaction when admired, curiosity when pushing the boundaries of material form, and harmony with the human body in its usability.

The Metropol chair has been designed with the utmost consideration for the user's comfort. Its defining feature is the implementation of a metal frame that can be easily assembled, combined with a soft cushion to provide comfort. Rounded shapes and details that elegantly complete its function are the hallmarks of this design. Moreover, this solution is suitable for both home use and outdoor recreation. It is a sustainable solution, both in the materials used and in the production processes.
The Metropol Chair is engineered for a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Its metal structure securely holds the soft rollers, ensuring a comfortable seating experience. The material is pleasant to the touch due to its natural origin. It can be easily assembled and reassembled, making it convenient to move your favorite chair from place to place.

The soft part is made of foam upholstered with fabric sourced from sustainably managed (FSCĀ®) wood pulp, featuring plant-based binders and natural pigments. It is soft to the touch, easy to handle, and wipeable, with high tear resistance. It resembles leather and becomes even softer with prolonged use. Cleaning it is a breeze. The base is crafted from copper, brass, stainless steel, and black steel tubes, while additional accessories are made from rubber.
The most important aspect of this chair was to make it user-friendly for seating and find the right form that would be easy to assemble. This design allows for prolonged use of the chair, even if you have to change its location. Moreover, the chair's design features enable it to be transported unassembled, thereby reducing shipping costs and pollution emissions. This construction approach aims to reduce transportation expenses, making it more sustainable for both production and the environment.

The challenge was to find the right sizes of materials to achieve an appearance that is airy yet strong. Additional support beneath the rollers enhances the structure's strength. The length of each metal part was carefully considered to minimize waste, as were the standardized roller shapes, resulting in efficient material usage. Last but not least, the goal was not only to ensure the material's sustainability but also to imbue it with qualities like easy cleaning and weather resistance.
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