Aalto's lamp
Taking inspiration from Alvar Aalto's perspective as "branches of the tree whose trunk is architecture", the project considers Aalto's fondness for plywood and finger joints, which served as a form for the lamp. Plywood is a perfect canvas that allows you to adapt the lamp's color to any interior. I aimed to ensure its versatility. Whether used as a component of a slatted ceiling, sconce, or floor lamp, the Aalto's lamp adapts seamlessly.

The lamp's seemingly straightforward form elegantly disperses light, casting a soft and captivating glow that lends warmth to any setting. Inspired by my passion for light distribution and the intricacies of finger joints, the design embodies a delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics. Its geometric intricacy invites exploration from various perspectives, ensuring that each viewing feels like a fresh encounter with its timeless allure.
The lamp can be hung on the wall, adapted to the ceiling, or simply placed on the floor. Some utilise its triangular lampshade to hang bathrobes or towels. It can be coloured or coated with varnish to complement the interior where it will be situated. Several of these lamps create a perfect pattern, adding a unique touch to the interior

The design of Aalto's lamp is influenced by Alvar Aalto's fondness for plywood and finger joints, which guided material and production choices. Various wooden joints enable the assembly of the lamp's main structure without the need for glue or additional connecting materials. Plywood serves as a perfect canvas, allowing for the adaptation of the lamp's color to complement any interior.
The purpose of the project is to discover a cost-effective production method and materials for creating a lamp that seamlessly fits into any interior, harnessing the unexpected and emotionally impactful effects of indirect light distribution in home settings

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