Nakovalna Chair
The Nakovalna chair draws inspiration from my ancestral roots, stemming from a small Russian village where my great-grandfather practiced the esteemed craft of blacksmithing. Honored for his multifaceted expertise in chemistry, physics, and literacy, he exemplified the essence of craftsmanship. The rounded element symbolizes the focal point where metal is forged, while the T-shaped structure embodies the anvil itself, a quintessential tool for shaping iron. Through this design, I pay homage to my heritage while showcasing the timeless artistry of blacksmithing.

The Nakovalna chair epitomizes a fusion of tradition and innovation, with a keen emphasis on ergonomic design. By ingeniously separating the seating area from the backrest, I aimed to optimize comfort and functionality. This unique feature not only enhances ergonomic support but also offers a practical solution—utilizing the backrest as a convenient hanger for jackets. Through this innovative approach, I sought to redefine the boundaries of ergonomic furniture design, merging practicality with aesthetic appeal.

Crafted with precision and ingenuity, the Nakovalna chair is a visual masterpiece brought to life through meticulous design and craftsmanship. Inspired by the timeless art of blacksmithing, the chair's rounded form pays homage to the tradition of heating metal, while the T-shaped structure represents the enduring symbol of the anvil. Through the seamless integration of form and function, this chair transcends mere furniture, becoming a sculptural expression of artistry and innovation.

The Nakovalna chair comes to life through the innovative visualization capabilities of Rhino software. Utilizing this powerful tool, I was able to translate my design vision into a stunning and immersive experience. From conceptualization to execution, Rhino provided the platform for exploring every detail and refining each element with precision. Through this collaborative synergy between design and technology, the Nakovalna chair emerges as a testament to the boundless possibilities of creative expression in the digital age.

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