The Ring of Fire Galaxy, a dynamic contemporary sculpture, transforms into an inviting chair in motion. Part of the Space collection, it prioritizes comfort and privacy for various individuals, including those with ADS who seek solace in rocking and embracing designs. Made from eco-friendly rotational-moulded polyethylene, it's suitable for outdoor use with smooth rotation and a built-in drainage system. This innovative piece, born during the pandemic, blends art, comfort, and sustainability, conquering ergonomic challenges with fluid forms for a comfortable sitting experience.
The Metropol Chair seamlessly weaves the timeless allure of art-nouveau with contemporary practicality, showcasing the possibility for user-friendly assembly. It marries harmonious aesthetics with modern comfort, whether placed indoors or outdoors. Sustainability and low-maintenance features are at its core, presenting a captivating fusion of classical craftsmanship and present-day convenience. This chair is an embodiment of artistry and usability, offering a warm welcome to anyone seeking both comfort and style.
The Nakovalna Chair: A Fusion of Heritage and Functionality
Inspired by my ancestral ties to blacksmithing, the Nakovalna chair embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Its rounded element pays homage to the forge, while the T-shaped structure mirrors the iconic anvil. Through a thoughtful separation of seating and backrest, this chair showcases ergonomic prowess, allowing for both comfort and practicality. With Rhino visualization, the Nakovalna chair emerges as a testament to the seamless integration of heritage craftsmanship and contemporary design.
Inspired by Alvar Aalto's love for plywood and finger joints, the Aalto's lamp seamlessly blends form and function. Its versatile design adapts to various placements, while the triangular lampshade adds practicality and charm. With plywood as its canvas, the lamp's color can be customized for any interior, reflecting a commitment to elegance and sustainability. Crafted with precision, the lamp's geometric allure captivates viewers with its timeless appeal.
Green stripe tile is a pattern that allows to make multiple different layouts. That makes it perfect to use in the same space without obvious affinities. The old way of glazing is used to achieve similar affects as on the painting it was inspired by. All of them have non-repeating coating due to usage of the metallic glazes created through reduction firing.
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